Preview: TPC Turns 5!

This Saturday marks the 5th anniversary of the Toy Piano Composers. A group of some of the most imaginative composers and talented musicians I have had the pleasure of meeting, as well as one of Toronto’s most refreshingly entertaining music collectives.

5 years ago, the Toy Piano Composer were formed with the goal of engaging listeners with imaginative and entertaining new music. These composers and musicians realized that in the world of new music, often you must make your own opportunities, otherwise you’ll simply be waiting for your pieces to be played. Thus, this group of composers and musicians, having met through their respective places of study, created the Toy Piano Composers.

Members of the Toy Piano Composers at work.

Members of the Toy Piano Composers at work.

The group has had stunning success in their concerts until now; Regularly packing their concert space with people. This is thanks to, in no small part, a combination of affordable ticket prices ($15-$20 is quite a good rate), a more relaxed and welcoming concert environment, those great little pins that they sell or give away at every show, and a slew of music that is complex, yet simple. Both serious and still thoroughly entertaining. These composers aim to bring everyone in on the fun, and attracting people outside the usual milieu of new music concert goers is no easy task; yet, the TPC have succeeded in bringing forth new faces, and this is what makes them one of Toronto’s best up and coming music collective.

If you have a chance to get out to see their concert on Saturday, October 12th, do it. No if, ands, or buts. If you have no experience with new music, this is the perfect way to get to know some new work. If you do, come out anyway and enjoy a great concert.

You can also check out the Toy Piano Composers on their website:

– Paolo Griffin

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